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Single touch payroll

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Hi there


I have processed the same payroll twice and sent it to ATO twice, I called ATO and they said I need to do and Update Event in my software (MYOB) any ideas on how I do that please ?


thank you

Marilyn B

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Hi Marilyn,

The important thing to remember about STP is it’s YTD, so after you delete the duplicate, the next time you process an STP submission the YTD values will be reported.

You could do an Update event, or just wait until the next Payrun and submit a normal STP submission.

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thank you that’s a great help

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hello mam, I think you have to once update your setup then you got the correct transition sometimes we did mistakes but this is not a big deal I hope it will help you and if you want to know more about payroll outsources visit here.

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