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JobKeeper for full-time students

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Please I'd like to have advice on JK payment for full-time students per below JK Update from the treasuere. My client employs a few students on casual basis, all JK criteria met and has already paid 2 fortnights of JK total $3000 each employee. My questions are

  1. Does the employer have to stop JK for those employee? How to do that?
  2. How will the business get reimbursed for the $3000 per employee paid for the first 2 fortnights?


"Full time students aged 16 and 17 years old:  As noted in the explanatory statement to the existing rules, the benefit of the JobKeeper payment to workers over the age of 16 is justified for those who are financially independent and who require the security provided by participation in the JobKeeper scheme and the maintenance of the working relationship that it affords.  The rules will provide that full time students who are 17 years old and younger, and who are not financially independent, are not eligible for the JobKeeper Payment.  This clarification will apply prospectively, which would mean an eligible employer that has already met the wage condition of paying such an employee $1,500 for a fortnight could be entitled to a JobKeeper Payment in arrears for that fortnight."


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