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Ethics, Morals and Integrity - Commercial Sector

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Hi All,


I have been an accounting professional for the past 10 years a direct employee for various companies mainly SME's and am always asked to engage in practices that are directly against the GAAP and AASB's. I have Finace and Accounting qualifications and it is my understanding that I could be held personally liable if something were to happen with the companies for example if they they were found to be trading insolvent or engaging in fraudulent activities if I knew about these activities but didn't speak up. However, if I do speak up, I am considered to be a troublemaker or insubordinate which potentially could cost me my employment without a reference to help me get a new/better job. I want to be a good bookkeeping/accounting professional and maintain my integrity, morals and ethics without compromising my career potential. Can anyone offer me any advice on how to handle this situation? In public practice it's my understanding you can choose not to represent these types of business or at least advise but keep a professional distance and business records. I have tried to keep diaries to cover myself but have gotten into trouble doing this. Idealing I would like to work in as a bookkeeper in a public practice firm environment so I can build up my skills but am finding the situation within the commercial sector is holding me back. I would very much appreciate any advise anyone has to offer. 


Thanks in advance,


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