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STP authority for filing STP but not preparing the pay run

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Hi all,


I have a quarterly client who prepares his weekly pay run himself but need my help with STP filing. What type of engagement authority do I need in this case. The ICB's STP Annual Engagement Authority template isn't appropraite to my situation.

I do high level check of pay run (wages, PAYG, superannuation in place etc) but I don't prepare them. Could anyone please advise.

Thank you.

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Hi Mattie,


He might just need a hand learning how to submit STP through the payroll software he uses, it should be just a few extra clicks at the end of the payrun process to submit STP.



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In the Payroll menu, select Single Touch Payroll, then select the Finalisation tab.
Click the menu icon. ...
Review the employee's year-to-date summary.
(Optional) Add a Reportable fringe benefits amount.
(Optional) Add a Reportable fringe benefits amount, exempt.

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