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STP rejected due to removal from ATO Portal

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Hi, not sure if this is the right place for this issue but it is STP related.  We are finding that STP lodgements are being rejected by the ATO because we are no longer linked in the new ATO portal to a specific client as an accountant has gone in and removed us as BAS agent so as they could add themselves.

Then when I readd myself the accountants are being removed so we are just going around in circles.  Under the old portal this was never really an issue as both BAS Agents and Tax Agents could be linked

I rang the ATO to find out if there was some way that both BAS agents and tax agents could be linked to a specific client at the same time but they were unable to provide me with a solution and could not confirm to me if both the accountants and a BAS agent can have access to the ICA at the same time (like the old portal).

Is anybody else having this problem or aware of a solution to this issue? 

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Hi Carissa,

Regarding STP lodgements the link is between the software provider and the ATO.

If you’re both using the same payroll software suite to submit the STP lodgement no change should need to be made.

Even multiple software providers are allowed to connect to a single business.

This issue might be more related to both of you accessing the Business Portal at the same time.

If you have any further information, I would be happy to help you get to the bottom of this, we deal with STP issues frequently.

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Yes that is what my query is concerning, being kicked off the portal by accountants which means the STP lodgement gets rejected. No body other than us is lodging STP reports. I think I have answered this one myself, there does seem to be another option for tax agents to choose (which gives them access to everything) when they link a client on the portal but some of them are choosing the activity statement option (which is the only option for BAS Agents) which is why we get kicked off.

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