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New BAS agent registration

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Hi there, I am after clarification for new BAS agent registration. I have been working for my employer for the past 11.5 years as a bookkeeper.

My duties during this time include the AR, AP, bank recs, payroll (bookkeeping duties). I also complete the consolidated monthly BAS return that is checked by the employers accounant prior to submitting. 

My question is even though the accountant who checks my BAS work is not a BAS agent, does that still count as relevant experience? The organisation gets audited each year by an external company and during the audit they check through the BAS.

I am just unsure how you word the relevant experience when I have been with one employer for so long.

Thanks Nikki

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Hi Nickki


The requirement is that you need to be signed off by a Tax or BAS Agent.  If the accountant who has been signing off on your work is a Tax Agent then he is able to complete the relevant experience statement required by the TPB.  If not I suggest you give the TPB a call and explain the situation and ask if there is a way to have the hours signed off without a Tax or BAS Agent.

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