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BAS lodgement - must be registered due to technical/complicated process ... what are the main things/errors to look out for?

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I completed my Cert IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting 9 mths ago. I have now been employed as a bookkeeper for the past 7 months (massive learning curve with little no help in small business!!) and I have to submit the BAS as part of my role (which I can rightly do as an employee). I know I submit my 'June PAGW' figures on my BAS and not the monthly IAS submission. I run my reports and record my GST paid/received for the 3 months.  I go through all the GST paid/received reports to check if anything 'stands out' as incorrect ie gst on payroll.  Should there be anything else I can do to double check my figures (i do ask my accountant to look over when she can).  

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