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STP for non Portal clients

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I provide a payroll only service to a number of Subway stores, currently using desktop software but will probably move to Reckon Payroll as it is a cost effective STP solution.

As I don't do the BAS etc for these clients, they are not on my Portal so can I still add them through Access Manager?

And what about the clients that I only complete their end of year payroll finalisation, how will that work?


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Hi Kim,

If you don’t have access to them in Access Manager then you will need to either contact someone who does, either the employer or accountant will usually work, or you can call the ATO and make the connection over the phone.

This connection is between the Payroll Software and the ATO so once configured you don’t need to worry about it going forwards, unless you change payroll software providers.

The end of year "Final" STP submission is almost exactly the same as the weekly process, so this won’t be an issue.

If you don’t mind the offer, Microkeeper is a payroll solution at a similar price point to Reckon, we do a few Subway stores too, we are STP compliant and automate the payroll process significantly, if possible, please consider Microkeeper as an alternative.

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