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My friend is from Thailand. He can't to use this forum from his country. Can someone to advise him free proxy server?

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Hi Kiroskin,

Most Free VPNs are pretty slow and usually can't be trusted, but seems like a good solution with a free tear.

Personally I have used Nord and ExpressVPN in the past, but they are paid VPN options.

I just connected to Thailand and tested a few sites, the ICB forum and Microkeepers Payroll Software loaded fine.


Therefor, I think this might be an issue with your local ISP, you might be behind a firewall, I would suggest trying a different internet connection.

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Probably this forum is not available for some countries . The administration put them on the restrictions on several security reasons. I would advice to try pirate proxy and since I am using them I didn't have any concern with the blocked sites . Now I can navigate on the all sites and  AVOIDCENSORSHIP , whatever my location will be my IP will be hidden  anyway.The proxies are the good solution to increase your privacy and make your friend anonymous on the Internet.

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He can find some proxy on proxyserverlist24,freely

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