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Employees Paid but not included in a Payrun - from 2017

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I have a payroll question I’m not quite sure how to handle in Xero.

I have a job that I’ve taken over in the current financial year.  The payroll clearing account was out by $1,999.75.  I’ve tracked down to 5 EFT transfers to staff back in April 2017 where staff were paid, but not included in a Payrun….  I’m looking for advice as to how to process and fix this?  One employee still current, others left since.


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They would need to be entered into the payroll at the time of payment and then new payment summaries issued to the relevant employees and amended payment summaries sent to the ATO. Ii suggest speaking to the accountant on how to advise everyone.  If the business owner and accountant dont want to amend payroll then effectively it would be drawings or directors loan to the business owner.

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