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New Horticulture Award casual overtime paid on 8 week cycle - HOW??

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I'm looking for advice from those experienced in implemeting strange new award conditions. 

The Horticulture Award has introduced casual overtime pay for casuals working more than 304 ordinary hours in an 8 week period.  It seems like a ridiculous way of calculating & paying ovetime to me, but I'm not the policy maker!

(and the policy makers clearly don't actually calculate & pay individual wages!)


So, does anyone else calculate & pay ovetime like this, over a long number of weeks?


I gather, after the employee's 8 week cycle, if overtime is identified, then it is paid as a lump sum and the tax calculated on their marginal rate.  Is there a better way?

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Hi Deanna,


Automating complex awards is our specialty, but even we do not have a solution to this problem atm.


We have been working closely with employers and basically their solution is to avoid staff hitting 304 hours, they do this by downloading the payroll data for the last 8 weeks at the end of each payrun.


If a staff member is going to go over 304 hrs, managers are told to roster their staff for less.


In the unlikely event the employee does go over 304, they manually add a payment to the next payrun.


All other elements of the award like:

- 15% night loading if they work between 8.31pm and 4.59am


- OT after 12 ordinary hours

can be fully automated so they focus that area.


I believe it's a ridiculous method too, what’s stopping the employer from hiring the employee under company 1 for 4 weeks and under company 2 for 4 week.

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You bring up another confusing issue.  If overtime is calculated after 8 weeks, what happens when the employees employment ends?  It would be really unlikely that they finish up exactly on the 8 weeks, so if they haven't hit 304 hours for whatever portion of 8 weeks they have worked, are they not elligable for overtime at all?

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