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Quickbooks Crashing With Admin Credentials

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So I have Apps4Rent Hosting for my hosted Quickbooks solution.

I have several users that can work with Quickbooks with no problems, but for some reason when I try to load Quickbooks with my only admin account, it crashes as soon as I try to log into the Quickbooks file.

I could either try to load it when I am actually logged into the admin account or I can use a "runas" command to run the Shortcut as the admin account from another non-admin account, and it crashes just the same. So it seems its specific to that particular user account.

I can't even open sample company files, so its not something specific to the QBW file. Its specific to the Quickbooks program setup.

Any ideas? Been on hold with Intuit for a while but I need this solved asap.


Darryl Gates

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