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Employee Management & Workplace Safety

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Just wondering what solutions/outsourced companies small to medium businesses use to ensure they are compliant with employee management & workplace safety.  I have had a discussion with Employsure and was wondering if there was any feedback on them or others to use?

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Smartek system is used by Uniting Care Qld. The business I work with does work for Blue Care and since the beginning of this year they are using Smartek (Ph 1300 238 724)

As a building contractor to UCQ, the business was required to used the Smartek system at an annual cost of $400. Once registered all compliance documents, licencing and insurance as well as employee training etc can be updated. The system will send out alerts until all information is added, and reminders when the renawal date is approaching so you can ensure all compliances are up to date. This information can also be attached (exported) to other prospective client/ government tender applications.


The local council uses a similar type of system, It's callled Felix.

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