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October 2018 Question of the Month – Identification documents for new clients

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As a bookkeeper you have just signed on a new client. You've done all your due diligence and have a signed engagement letter in hand.

Before you commence work with them, the client has asked you to provide them with documents including a Police Check, a copy of your drivers licence and a copy of your passport. Do you provide this information to them? Why/Why Not?

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I wouldn't have a problem with a Police Check, especially if the new client expects me to be involved with their banking but the MDL and passport I would not provide unless they were providing me with a vehicle and paying for me to travel overseas on their work (I would love a client like this!)

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While it is certainly not unreasonable for a client to request identity information, you are not obliged to provide copies of such information. If a client wishes to sight such information again this is certainly reasonable, but caution must be taken in providing identity information.

An alternative is the use of the Australia Post identity service or another alternative service.

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