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Gov Reports 30% discount for ICB Members

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I'm looking at Gov Reports as one of my clients does not want to move from MYOB V19 (classic), but does pay wages.  She only has one employee who works 6 hours a week, so with the introduction of STP for small employees in July 2019 I'm looking at possible solutions. 

I noted on the ICB website that there is a 30% discount for ICB Members.  How do I get the discount AND is it ongoing or only for the first year?


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Suggest wait until later when you may hear more abourt the 'micro-employer' or contact GovReport directly with your query.

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GovReports is a reliable and complete SBR enabled software that enables you to manage, prepare and lodge compliance reports for all your clients from a single application anywhere, any time with internet. You can easily prepares reports for clients, save and send off to clients for digital signature and when it’s authorised and signed, you can submit to ATO without the need to rekey the report.

With inbuilt digital signature and office practice management features for you to manage clients, schedules, staff, jobs and tasks easily, so the preparation and lodgement of compliance reports can be done seamlessly regardless of which ever software your client use or do not use.

Some of the features of GovReports are:
Work at your own pace with 'Save & Resume' feature
Prepare the report Offline when the ATO system is down
Review the content of your file upload before lodging
Manage your clients and reports lodgment from a single website
Inbuilt digital signature for faster client’s authorisation turn around
Office practice management features for you to manage your workflow faster
You don't need to worry about software download, upgrades or updates
Some of the forms you can lodge on the cloud with GovReports are:
PAYG - Online Form for clients without payroll software
Business Activity Statements
Tax Declaration Form
States & Territories Payroll Tax
Taxable Payment Annual Reports (TPAR)
Office Practice Manager Features
Set-up client details (import/upload existing clients)
Customisable Client Checklist
Client Engagement Letter and Process
Generate authorisation reports
Manage your documents with the help of DropBox
Dashboard for easy management of daily tasks, assignment of jobs and more
Customisable checklist and templates
Manage real time updates
Manage appointments and tasks
Send emails and notifications to clients archive messages
File Note facility
GovReports now has a new feature to help you manage your business workflow efficiently. The Office Practice Manager (OPM) is the innovative true cloud practice management software, designed for BAS & Tax agents to efficiently manage their own business and the compliance obligations of their clients.

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