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STP - Contractor payments

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For Contractor payments being entered via the purchase module where they are deemed an employee for Super Guarantee purposes and their monthly payment reach the $450 threshhold, how will contractor super payments be reported?


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Hi Charmaine,

STP software developers are provide with a document called STP Business Scenarios.

Within this document are a list of examples. There is nothing in there that mentions anything about super reporting for contractors.

However, there are these two extracts that kind of suggest reporting super will be optional.


Q: Mandatory reporting of ABN for contractors.

A: Where you are reporting a payment and withholding to a contractor under a voluntary agreement, then the employer must provide the contractor’s ABN. The contractor’s TFN is not required. Note: the reporting of these payments through is voluntary.


Q: Payee who has been both a contractor and employee in the same financial year.

A: Where a payee has been both a contractor and employee with the same payroll ID within the same financial year, the TFN and ABN must be reported if payments are made under both a voluntary agreement and any other gross payment. Note: The YTD amounts for both contractor and employee payments must continue to be reported. (Only if same payroll ID).


I'm keeping a list of frequently asked questions for STP so I'll add this to the list.

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