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Chart of Accounts and MYOB 'Clean-Ups'

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Hi all

I finished my Cert IV Bookkeeping and Accounting last year and have started my own bookkeeping business from home. I have just signed on my first client who has asked me to do a 'clean-up ' of their MYOB and to provide 5 or so hours each month for reconciliation of accounts and general caretaking to ensure they are entering things correctly.

I have been given Administrative Access to their MYOB accountright Live account and have been going through their company file and their Chart of Accounts is a bit 'mish-mash' and all over the place. They have items I would consider Cost of Sale items in the general Expense Account and some very random accounts throughout. My question for everyone is, do I seek authority from the client to discuss this with the accountant and in what form - an email sent to the accountant and cc me in or a written letter signed by the client? And can I ask the accountant to provide me with some advice regarding changes to make or should these changes all be done by the accountant?

All advice is greatly appreciated!!


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