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Stand alone Payroll System

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Hi, I've got a client who has it's own customised accounting system specific to it's industry but they are still doing payroll on spreadsheets only about 10 staff.  Can anyone provide me with details of simple, cheap but compliant stand along payroll systems to generate monthly payroll, superstream, email payslips, record leave etc.  I've looked at Reckon One with just the Payroll Module at approx. $8-$10 per month, sky payroll and am aware of keypay which is linked to QBO.  But if there are any others that you could recommend I would really appreciate it.  Looking to go live on 1/7/16.

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Can i email you?

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Stand-alone systems often have more in-built features, mostly in terms of deeper payroll and accounting reports, greater capacity for customization and setting up variations for leave or pay rates, and auditing. These are often more suited to large, corporates with a salaried workforce.

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