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Facebook Group - Contract Bookkeepers

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Hi all,

I have created a facebook group for any contract bookkeepers who might be interested. The website link is



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We have ICB forum, also ICB discussions for bookkeepers on LinkedIn.
There are also other, existing forums and LinkedIn groups.

What need do you believe your Facebook group will fill that is currently unaddressed? 

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I do like the idea of a 'closed' (verified ICB members only) group... as far as I am aware, current groups are visible via search engines and personally identifiable, as well as open to non-members, so if you want to have a discussion about a sensitive topic, or a general non-professional 'whinge'/vent, there aren't private areas to do that (correct me if I'm wrong?).

I don't think it would take away from the knowledge-base style forum with designated subject areas, etc, unless you were to create several 'groups' with a distinct topic for each one (eg. software support), but I suspect there would be no need for that.

I'd be keen for an official ICB 'closed' or 'secret' facebook group for such private discussions (sorry, I'm not in a position to put my hand up to moderate so I can't put my hand up!). I'd assume most people who are forum regulars would be on Facebook and it's much easier for someone like me to check in with notifications (as opposed to emails clogging up my inbox) and is mobile-friendly for for when you're not on the computer.

I am wondering, Kelly, if your page has a specific goal? Is it for primarily networking? Peer support? Are there any restrictions on members or could, say, an accountant join as well?

Jen :-)

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 Very sorry I didn't reply earlier, I did not receive any notifications that replies had been made.

The sole purpose was to actually have something on Facebook for networking/support/tips and tricks. By no means was it to tick anyone off or to receive negative/sarcastic remarks. 


Kind regards,



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Hi Jen,


Yes that's exactly what I was after. Thank you for understanding. I would certainly not have any issues adding anyone that would like to join. So far I have around six members and It has been a little quiet so far. Feel free to join whinge/vent or whatever you would like!

As I mentioned previously the group was created mostly for a place for everyone to come together and share tips/tricks, information, mentoring, peer support etc... 

I am new to Bookkeeping however have been working in the Accounting industry as Admin since 2005, gained much experience behind the scenes as I could as well as completing a Cert IV in Bookkeeping recently. in saying that this is another reason I decided to create this group, as I need all the help I can get starting up my new career goal as a Bookkeeper.


- Kelly

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HI Jen

the icb Linked in group achieves many of these purposes.

Facebook seems to be more pritvate matters but certainly crosses over.

I am also very conscious that there are now so many overlapping groups on facebook / linked in etc and we notice that some people post one thing to every half related discussion.

So we would look to achieve these purposes through either this Q&A space (forum) on our website or using our existing Linked in group.


The comments about a closed Members only space is interesting - we can do that within this forum so I will create a couple of spots for that discussion and let it be known




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Hi All,

We have created a new section called Members Only where ICB Members can add new topics and comment on new discussions.

Hopefully this is new way for members to feel more comfortable and gain great support from other ICB members.


- Simone

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Sounds great guys. Thanks!

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