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Recording Lotto and Translink Sales for Newsagents - and reporting on BAS

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I have a new client that runs a newsagency and like many in this industry they sell 'Go Cards' on behalf of Translink and received income from Translink by way of commission.  The same is true of the Golden Casket lottery tickets. Both these sales items generate a lot of sales through the register but the commission income is obviously only a fraction of this. 

The previous bookkeeper had been recording all these sales as the newsagent's sales income but I was thinking that only the commission would be income and the rest is just like a banking transaction where the newsagent collects the money on behalf of Golden Casket or Translink and then these organisation withdraw the ticket sales from the newsagent's bank account leaving the commission he earned from the transactions.

I have tried to seek clarification from Translink and Golden Casket and neither organisation could give me advise on the recording of these sales in BAS.  Now there are heaps of newsagencies out there selling these items so hopefully someone on the forum can help me with this question?

Bottom line - should G1 = all sales through the newsagency (including Go Card and Lottery ticket sales) or just the commission income earned during the period?

My feeling is it should only be the commission earned as surely Translink and Golden Casket are recording their sales through the various outlets they use as their sales.  So if the newsagencies are also recording these sales they would be double counted??

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jo


I agree with you, the only income that your client is earning is the commission.  Effectively the difference should be getting paid back to Translink and Golden Gasket.  So you would do a journal from the appropriate liability account to income inclusive of GST for the commission and then the balance would be paid to the appropriate body from the bank and allocated to the liability effectively reducing the liability for that period to $0

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