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Conference Suggestions

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From the conference Page, we were asked for suggestions, and sorry I have a few.

I think we could be helped with a few practical work shop type sessions dealing with important issues that may need clarification.

FWA - Modem Awards. Awards ”V” NES and Agreements.

This problem came about when a client, on advice from his CA Accountant changed the conditions and entitlements of his employees with notifying, or consent of, the employees.  No employment agreements had been entered, all employees had been under an award, which in turn was replaced by a modern award. (Clerks – Private Sector). The employer is now using the NES minimum as the standards of employment.

Without going to deeply into what I did from there, with the complicated ifs, buts, what if’s, and would be’s, a few phone calls with FWA and the CA Accountant, I believe I did sort it out, at least in my mind. In this case I lost the client because I was in contradiction to the CA Accountant, who recommended a change in service providers.

This is one area where we could use the conference with important information.

This leads to a second topic. What to do when the bookkeeper has a major disagreement with other services providers.

In short, I am sure there are a number to topics that affect the work and knowledge of the bookkeeper that could be discussed in a large forum where experts in that field could be invited to participate. The monthly meetings are good, but for important issues needing expert evaluation we need and conference.


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