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Live Cloud sort of system for plumbing to invoice on job site

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can anyone help. I have a client who wants to be able to invoice and quote directly from the job, but yet, it needs to integrate with my LIVE Myob data file back in the office. Other than the "server" situation whereby we buy premier and then all log into the server wirelessly, i have been advised that you can get 3rd party software that will allow him to do the quotes and invoicing, but that i can then Pull into my myob via the internet (as i rarely actually see this client in person)  . In other words this 3rd party software must intergrate with myob and without using a physical cable. I may need to pull his data down every minute or once a day sort of thing.   Any suggestions???  

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There are a number of trade specific invoicing and job management applications available that are cloud based so accessible from anywhere. Applications like Connect2Field and simPRO are 2 that are widely used. I know that they integrate directly with Xero but have no idea if they do with MYOB. 

Dependant upon the level of invoicing and records required by the client he may just be better off invoicing directly from a cloud accounting package such as Xero or Saasu. I personally don't like LiveAccounts.

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I'm from Connect2Field and we can definatly help from the point of view of invoicing while your onsite...

We do intergrate with the desktop version of MYOB but not with live accounts yet. It is something on our road map.

Feel free to drop me an email for more info steve at



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Have you looked at and you can sync from phone to your desktop

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Your client should be able to generate invoices onsite from within MYOB Live accounts directly by using a smart phone or tablet/ipad with internet access, also a portable printer (for obvious reasons)

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