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Stepping Out in 2011 - your feedback

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Today is Canberra's lucky day to hear everything about being a bookkeeper in today's world.

As we travel around the country, we would love to hear your feedback about the content, giveaways, manuals, sponsors and anything else conference.

After all - your feedback will ensure we do it even better next year!

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Hi Guys,


I just wanted to congratulate you on an absolutely brilliant job at the conference!!  It was really obvious how much work had gone into it to make it real, relevant and engaging.  Loved the role play, the resource books were absolutely superb, topics were great...  It was really fantastic.  So thank heaps for all the effort, we really do value everything you do to allow us to be the best that we can be!




Kelly J


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Went to the Melbourne conference also - have to say it was fantastic!

Useful, relevant, and well worthwhile attending.

If your haven't enrolled and are able to go - you should !

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Perth conference was fantastic guys!!

I felt like you had custom made the whole day just for me.  As I am just starting out on my own, it can be daunting.  The role play gave me real guidelines of what to do/expect and I found all the content really relevant.

Thank you for your efforts everyone at ICB.... I was very impressed!

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