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Will there be a little information for 'oldbies' in the industry?

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I realise the challenge to cater for a wide range of experience/knowledge,

however there is usually very little aimed at the experienced bookkeeper, a

fact lamented by many however I'm not aware of whether any have communicated this to organisations like yours/ours.

This issue came to the fore after a recent conference by another body -

great for 'newbies' but nothing more than socialising for the experienced



Good for 'newbies' too to see the depth of what is involved in providing a

full, professional service to our clients and the industry in general.


I, for one, will be planning to attend regardless - however I know for a

fact that with quite a few other experienced bookkeepers attendance will be based on content 'beyond the basics'.

Experienced bookkeepers certainly don't 'know it all', and many of us give

of our time and resources to help/mentor others on forums and privately, but find that there is very little for us to 'get our teeth into' so to speak.

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Just to assure you it is a vital perspective that you raise that we consider at length in the preparation of material.

We consider the newbie to the industry or profession but we are very aware that the majority of the room will be experienced bookkeepers and hence we try to cover material that is both relevant, contemporary (by that I mean there is NEW information or NEW implications) that people will not or may not be aware of.

"Beyond the basics" is a great catch - and we may use it in future marketing - and yes we will be - but thanks for highlighting it as it will again help us with our perspective in preparation

Hope all is good with you

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Thanks Wendy for raising this

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