Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

One-off Electronic Lodgements and Revisions

A single electronic lodgement will result in a change to how the next activity statement is issued for your clients. You and your clients will need to consider this when deciding how to lodge the activity statement. For example, if an electronic lodgement method is used in order to receive the benefits of electronic lodgement concessions, (i.e., an extension of the due date), then either you or your client will be required to take steps to reinstate paper activity statements, if the client cannot transition to ongoing electronic lodgement.

If you used the BAS portal, SBR or ECI to lodge the activity statement, either you or your client will need to contact the ATO directly, to ask that the paper activity statement be turned back on. You will need to ring them - clients ring 13 28 66 and agents ring 13 72 86, Fast Key Code 1-4-1. If you used ELS to lodge the activity statement, the client’s activity statement delivery preference should be changed back to paper by one of the following methods: using the ‘Your clients’ menu in the BAS agent portal or by completing the ELS client update transaction.

Paper statements are often used by clients to remind them of their BAS lodgements. You can see the ATO webpage on planned generation dates for activity statements and add these dates to your existing calendar, details available here.

  • Updated: 4th March, 2016