Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

ATO Debt Repayment Plans

The ATO has allowed individuals (through their myGov account) to potentially establish debt repayment plans by filling in the online form.

This exact same functionality is not yet available to agents through our portals on behalf of client.

The ATO website states you can assist clients with making this application.

We advise extreme caution:

Do not access a person’s myGov account on their behalf.  They can access their account and you can assist them but it would be a breach of conditions if you were to have another individual’s password and access to their myGov or ATO online accounts.

We also note that making arrangements for repayment of debt to the ATO is a task that can only be performed by a Registered Agent.

BAS Agents should liaise with the Tax Agent before making any arrangements that include any income tax debt.

The ATO are promoting that individuals can arrange an online payment plan for up to $100,000.

  • Updated: 19th October, 2016