Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

A PDF version of the ICB Bookkeeper Insurance Application Form is available to download here.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

Bookkeepers require PII to protect themselves, ICB Members require PII to be in practice and BAS Agents require PII to be registered. 

Insurance Made Easy (IME) have worked with us and the underwriters (Chubb) to customise a specialised policy for everything an ICB bookkeeper requires coverage.

Cyber Insurance

We are now extremely reliant upon the internet and the cloud. As a bookkeeper this means that you carry much responsibility to protect your client's data, privacy and access to banking. So for you, the thoughts around “what if” are becoming increasingly important. The good news is that your IME/Chubb Professional Indemnity covers most of these “what if's”.

HR Intermediary

The Bookkeepers role as an HR intermediary and provision of HR advice is developing. Bookkeepers are involved in the provision of Payroll services that typically expand into Award interpretation and application of the Fairwork laws.


Payroll Services

A bookkeeper typically is involved in Payroll. Some policies exclude even the most basic of payroll duties from a Bookkeepers PII. The IME Policy includes payroll services and then allows extension into the HR Intermediary role discussed above.

Income Protection Insurance (for Bookkeepers)

A unique product which is based on 100% of your invoicing for labour and includes commissions earned on sales of ancillary services such as software etc., i.e. You are covered for all income which is forfeited due total disablement resulting from accident or illness to the maximum sum insured.

Other Insurance

IME offers all sorts of Insurance cover that you may need. We recommend that you contact Insurance Made Easy on 1800 641 260.