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Employment Hero wants to help businesses grow. Just like you.

By joining our referral partners program, you can help your clients optimise their biggest asset – their people.

More Efficient

Employment Hero can save up to 80% of people administration time, freeing your clients up to spend time on growing their business. Employment Hero automates manual tasks like lodging eTFND and super for new employees and auto-syncs with your payroll software.

Compliance Confidence

A built-in award interpreter to prevent mispayments and a library of compliant policies, contracts, HR documents and guides helps reduce the risk of not being compliant with the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Accounting Your Way

We integrate with major accounting software platforms like Xero, MYOB and Intuit QuickBooks. Whatever your preferred account platform, we can work with it.


Xero MYOB KeyPay JobAdder QuickBooks

Want to learn more?

We host a fortnightly webinar for referral partners where you can learn:

  • The key features of Employment Hero
  • How Employment Hero helps with efficiency and compliance
  • How to be a referral partner
  • How to introduce Employment Hero to your clients

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Employment Hero Partnerships