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Empowering Australian businesses to be better employers.

Join a network of professional service providers helping their clients be more compliant, efficient and cost-effective with Employment Hero. Our cloud-based HR platform integrates with all the major accounting platforms and can be accessed anywhere, any time. To see how Employment Hero can be tailored to your and your clients’ needs, click here.

Who is Employment Hero?

Employment Hero’s software manages HR, payroll, performance, learning, recognition and employee benefits. Our cloud-based platform automates everything from onboarding, leave management and timesheets to award interpretation, certifications, VEVO checks and performance reviews. When it comes to employing people, there’s not much we don’t do.

How can we help your clients?

Employment Hero helps Australian businesses comply with federal, state and industry regulations. By automating traditionally time-intensive HR and payroll tasks, your clients can get out of the back office and on to the floor; growing their business, engaging their employees and feeling confident they’re doing the right thing by their team – and their business.

Why should you become a partner?

By introducing Employment Hero to your clients, you can help your clients improve their business performance by being better employers. And when your clients succeed, so do you. The cherry on top? Employment Hero Partners are rewarded, choosing either a 10% referral bonus, or passing the savings on to their clients with an exclusive 10% discount on the first year of their subscription.


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Want to learn more?

We host a fortnightly webinar for referral partners where you can learn:

  • The key features of Employment Hero
  • How Employment Hero helps with efficiency and compliance
  • How to be a referral partner
  • How to introduce Employment Hero to your clients

Click here to learn more about Employment Hero and we can help your clients grow.

Want to learn more?

Watch our 2 minute video on how Employment Hero helps Aussie businesses be more compliant. When you’re done with that, check out our 4 minute product overview, or any of our other quick demos here.

Even More? Shoot us an email at and one of our product specialists will show you how your clients can be more compliant, efficient and cost-effective with our cloud-based HR platform.