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About AppServeAppServe

AppServe provides solutions to the whole cloud puzzle, making our clients’ productivity applications available anywhere, any time, on premises or in the field.

AppServe provides a hosting environment for Email, Website, Domain and Cloud solutions, in addition to applications such as MYOB, Sage Handisoft and Microsoft Office (what you need as a Bookkeeper to get the job done).

With AppServe’s hosted solutions for Bookkeepers you are able to reduce your technology headaches, reduce the overall cost of technology ownership and still have the flexibility with your chosen platform!

For a monthly fee, you get access to some of the latest industry leading software and hardware, on a secure, enterprise strength platform. You can trust data is safe with AppServe, with the services being regularly backed up. The AppServe system also incorporates multiple levels of security and redundant components to ensure data remains safe, secure and available. Most importantly, data remains in Australia, with all AppServe infrastructure located in Brisbane, therefore remaining under Australian Privacy laws.

 The solutions and clients are supported out of Australia by the AppServe team, with support available 24/ 7. AppServe own our equipment and have designed, architected and delivered solutions without outsourcing pieces to third parties. This means when you call us, we have the knowledge to address any issue. Furthermore, as would be expected, all software upgrades are completed by the AppServe team and made available to users (entitled to new versions of the platform software).

AppServe packages start from as little as $1 per month and there are no lock-in contracts ever.

OnEmail – Email and Collaboration Software

OnEmail is a hosted email and collaboration solution that provides many features and benefits often only available to large corporate users. For an economical investment OnEmail provides features including Email, Contact Management, Sharing and Document Management, Task and Calendar Management, User Mobility options, Desktop Software Synchronisation, and Management/ Administration Tools.

With OnEmail you will be free to:

  • Share information with work colleagues (Emails, documents, distribution lists, Address Lists, Meetings and tasks)
  • Access your emails, files, contacts, calendars and tasks from anywhere via the web
  • Work with email on or offline and have it fully synchronized across any number of devices
  • Access Multiple address books, with rich search functions
  • Access Documentation Folders (and have them mirror between local devices and the web)
  • Access emails, Calendars and contacts from smart phones, iPads, Android devices etc
  • Receive and send from other email addresses to your inbox or associated folders (and gain the benefits of the OnEmail service for your existing Bigpond or Optusnet email)
    • Access Multiple calendars with the ability to overlay them for group scheduling
    • Forget about backing your emails up, all emails are backed up and available offsite. Extensive archiving and audit accounts are also available.
    • Have unlimited email storage and domain level document storage options

A Little Something for ICB Members

We here at ICB (and no doubt a number of our members) have been using the solutions ourselves and they have proven to be invaluable tools. As an added incentive to have you improve your business and boost productivity we have negotiated a 10% discount on these great services for ICB members. Be sure to mention it when you’re talking to the Secure-ISS AppServe team.

Want to Know More or Join as a Partner?

If you want to know more please contact the team at Secure-ISS AppServe via phone on +61 7 5528 2373 or email them at, they will be happy to answer any queries that you may have.

And on a final note, these solutions have a partner plan where eligible Secure-ISS AppServe Partners can receive on going remuneration by offering these solutions to their clients. Be sure to ask them how to get on-board.