Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

ICB had the extreme pleasure of awarding Mr Rick Freitag with the first Life membership of the organisation in March 2016.

Rick was one of the thought leaders in the bookkeeper and software partner communities that led to the establishment of the ICB in Australia.

A long term MYOB Certified Consultant (1993), an even longer term bookkeeper, business advisor and implementer of IT solutions into business.

Rick was running network meetings well before ICB existed and established its program of Network meetings.  Rick has a vision and passion for sharing his experience and unique knowledge, investing many hours in preparing for and providing MYOB Certified Consultants workshops and meetings.  When a new set of features were being released in a product, Rick would spend hours checking, reviewing, analysing how to use the feature, assessing whether it worked and then creating the next wishlist so the developers would take it to yet a further level in the next iteration.

“ahead of his time” In the 1990’s Rick had established billing his clients in advance, including elements of fixed fee for quoted services.  With a habit of providing more than his clients could expect, that same dedication for the best businesses doing things the best way also underpinned his commitment to support of other consultants.  Always with the motto “Bookkeeping Should be Fun”.

A registered BAS Agent since the start, a member of the ATO BAS Agents Advisory Group (and before that the Bookkeeper consultation group).  In 1997 Rick received the Office of Fair Trading “Excellence in Customer Service” award.

Known for his love of Tim Tams, both receiving them and giving them.

ICB appreciates Ricks ongoing support of the Bookkeeper community

  • Updated: 16 January 2020