Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

An Introduction to the ICB

Opportunities for involvement with ICB is available to download in Word or PDF format.

  • Over 3800 members and a direct contact database of over 8500 Bookkeepers (August 2014)
  • Member of the ATO BAS Agents Advisory Group
  • Member of Australian Treasury Standard Business Reporting Advisory Forum
  • ICB is a Recognised BAS Agent Association under TASA 2009
  • Registered BAS Agent and a Registered Tax Agent
  • Member of the Finance Sector Advisory Group
  • Member of IBSA’s National Program Reference Group

Bookkeepers helping Bookkeepers help Business

The core of the Institutes objectives is to support and promote Bookkeeping as a profession, provide access and knowledge to tools and solutions that enable Bookkeepers to adopt best practise and efficiencies.

ICB’s interaction with the Bookkeeper Community


A typical month will see our site having over 50,000 unique page views. The website provides not just members, but all Bookkeepers, with industry need to know information as has often been referred to as a major source of Bookkeeper information.


ICB provides a member and non-member newsletter each month that is distributed to over 8500 Bookkeepers within Australia. The newsletter (often over 30 pages) provides Bookkeepers with key and timely information assisting them in the day-to-day issues they face. The newsletter has an open rate within 48 hours of over 60%.

Network meetings (Supported by MYOB since 2013)

With the support of local facilitators, ICB run and support currently over 58 meetings around the country. These meetings are designed to provide a relaxed and informal environment so bookkeepers can learn and share with others, discuss key topics from the recent ICB newsletter and at times be presented to by key industry people. The average monthly attendance at these meetings is around 500 per month and June 2013 saw 725 attend the meetings.

National Conference

The ICB National Conference is run each year during March at 9 locations around the country. The past years has seen attendances in excess of 1100 and growing each year. The format of the day is a 9.30 – 4.00 pm presentation / workshop style educating bookkeepers on topics to develop them and their business. Sponsors / exhibitors play a key role in exposing attendees to new innovative products and solutions to assist the bookkeepers efficiency.

Workshops / Events

The introduction of the TASA 2009 act has introduced a CPE requirement for all BAS Agents. That and the constantly changing environment for the bookkeeper has provided the opportunity / demand for target specific workshops for bookkeepers.

For example:

  • November 2011 - ICB conducted a workshop on the new AccountRight 2011 platform to over 1000 bookkeepers at 12 locations around the country.
  • June 2013 – ICB ran an End of Year weekend and single day workshops at 6 locations with over 330 attending. All sessions were booked out.
  • June 2014 – End of Year workshops again run over 5 locations to over 350 Bookkeepers.

How to register as a BAS Agent webinars – Due to demand ICB ran a series of webinars educating bookkeepers seeking BAS Agent registration on a how to register process. Over 600 attended these booked out sessions. Sessions where booked out within 90 mins of release.

Email & Phone support

ICB provides its members with email, phone and forum support. Our team provide a service, which enables our members, the comfort to call or email when faced with the difficult question.

Industry Support

The ICB team are well respected in the industry as being a source of information and are often called upon by both members, non-members to provide key information. Our team receive over 400 emails and 180 calls per week. We are involved with prime solution providers to the Bookkeeping profession as well especially the dominant software companies.

Philosophy of our interaction with the community

ICB is keen to work with product and solution providers who can benefit the bookkeeper or their clients. In all of our interactions with the community our view is to provide key and informative information, not just the glossy sales spiel. ICB has the respect of the community and are known for providing information that is relevant. Our monthly newsletter usually provides a Product or Solution each month in an editorial / process style where the reader can learn what are the how to, How do I, how can it assist me or my client, what are the steps involved and what are the ways it improves my efficiency not just the glossy benefits.

Sponsorship doesn’t guarantee exposure under the ICB banner. The product or solution must be of value to the market.

ICB offer Product and Solution providers the opportunity to promote relevant solutions to the Bookkeeper community through its website, newsletter and events. Solutions need to be relevant for either the bookkeeper or their clients.

Sponsor marketing opportunities

Monthly Newsletter

The monthly ICB newsletter is distributed to around 3800 members and approximately 4500 non-members each month around the 25th of each month.

Network meetings

Our network meetings are delivered by Bookkeepers at over 60 locations around Australian with an average attendance of over 400 each month. Agenda is usually derived from the monthly newsletter and products and or solution that are profiled in the newsletter often can be a discussion item at the meetings.

Product & Solutions webpage

Our Products & Solutions webpage is segmented into 4 areas:

  • Accounting Software - Provider of Accounting Software
  • Suggested by ICB - Solutions listed on this page are ones which ICB recommend to its members to view and are profiled once in our monthly newsletter
  • Member initiated - Solutions which have been created by our members and might be of interest to other Bookkeepers

Criteria for Sponsors or Solution Provider

Solutions need to be of relevance to either the Bookkeepers or their client.

Requirements to be considered:

  • Your company details
  • Details on the Product or Solution
    • What is it
    • How is it provided
    • Who is it for
    • Explanation on the Product or Solution
    • For software products, a trial version complete with sample data is required for review
  • How will it benefit the Bookkeeper Community
  • Pricing structure
  • Opportunity for ICB member price
  • Contact details

Opportunities for involvement with ICB

Major Sponsor - POA

  • 12 Months term
  • Logo on home page as major sponsor
  • Listed in each newsletter as major sponsor
  • Monthly newsletter articles - content must be relevant to the bookkeeping community.
  • Acknowledgement at The ICB Australian Bookkeepers Summit
  • Acknowledgement on all member manuals
  • National summit manual
  • Members guide
  • Includes summit sponsorship

The ICB Australian Bookkeepers Summit

The ICB Australian Bookkeepers Summit is presented as a virtual event with supporting events at 9 locations around Australia with an expected attendance in 2021 of 1,400 -1,500.   ICB places great emphasis that the content, sponsors and exhibitors are relevant to the bookkeeping industry.

Summit Sponsor - POA

  • Listed on all marketing material (print and online)
    • All invitations sent to the entire database
    • Newsletter article promoting the summit
    • Webpages promoting the summit
    • Front page of the summit resource manual
  • 2 A4 pages in the summit resource manual
  • Acknowledged during the presentation
  • Exhibitor stand at each location
  • Listed in newsletter article prior and post summit

Exhibitor stand – price dependant on number of locations

  • Trade stand at locations of your choice
  • Summit resource manual
  • Promotional opportunities via prize

Network Meetings Sponsorship- $15,000

  • 12 Months term
  • Listed on the network meeting website page
  • Listed on all meeting invitations sent monthly
    • Sent prior to each meeting
    • Ability to add 5 lines of content to each meeting invitations changing monthly
  • Acknowledge at each meeting
  • Ability to provide handout material at the meetings

Approved Products & Solutions - $1100

  • 12 Months term
  • Listed on the Products & Solutions webpage
  • Newsletter article at time of listing Newsletter articles - $1100
    • Per article
    • Subject to article content and relevance to Bookkeeping industry
    • ¼ page content in the monthly newsletter
  • Distribution around 8000

Webinar Sponsorships

A commercially based schedule of webinars for the year that partners and sponsors can purchase to be delivered to ICB Australia Members. Preference will be given to a solution provider that has a primary focus on the education and professional development of members

  • Professional education and training focused: - following dot points 2nd tier indents
    • Technical education such as legislative requirements,
    • Best practice methodologies
    • Business growth and development
    • Health and Wellbeing
    • Maximum duration 60 mins
  • Sales focused: following dot points 2nd tier indents
    • Product or Service Demonstrations or sales presentations of products, services or partner programs
    • All product or partner program-based webinars agreed to will be positioned with members as such.
    • Maximum duration 60 mins

Per educational webinar: $2,500 (excl GST)
Per sales focused webinar: $3,500 (excl GST)
Bulk purchase: 20% discount, 1 Webinar per month commitment for a minimum 6 month period

Special events - POA

ICB run a number of workshops and events where there are opportunities for sponsorship at these events eg:

  • Run virtually and at 9 locations with over 800 attendees (2020)
  • November 2019 Payroll Termination Workshops - run virtually and at 5 locations with over 400 attendees (2019)

Education & Training- POA

  • 2 Accredited Training provider programs – see website
  • Listing on the CPE webpage
  • Listing in ICB monthly newsletter