Institute of Certified Bookkeepers


The Australian Government has embarked on a project to revise and modernise the Government multiple business registers.


  • ASIC and its 32 registers
  • ATO and the ABR (ABNs)

Other Government Departments also involved include

  • Treasury
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Dept of Industry Innovation and Science


The CBRS (Commonwelath Business Registry Service) provides this update as of 3rd December 2019

We are pleased to report that the MBR legislation has been introduced into the House of Representatives today.

The Bills are available on the Parliament House website:


  • increase reliability and trust in business registry services;
  • improve service delivery to and reduce complexity for business;
  • increase access to data availability to facilitate greater use and innovation;
  • deliver benefits to government by reducing the long-term costs of business registry services;
  • provide greater flexibility to respond to policy issues such as the black economy and phoenix activity;
  • foster economic activity and mitigate economic losses for businesses by minimising instances of fraud and business misconduct; and
  • build trust and confidence in the government's digital and data transformation initiatives.

ICB represents Bookkeepers and Business

ICB have been involved in the two consultation and submission processes conducted with Business and Intermediaries.

We believe

  1. that the project needs to proceed but
  2. it needs to proceed with a contemprorary approach (use the best modern technology) which means leaving the legacy behind
  3. collaboration and co-design with the users and also software houses who will interact with the Register.
  4. interaction with the register should not be a detrimental impact on business process but it should enhance and enable more efficient business practice
  5. if well delivered this centralised register could enhance information to government and business
  6. it must be delivered in conjunction with the Digitial Identity program of work being led by other parts of Government and also in conjunction with the Operational Framework (Security) approach being led by the ATO in determining how software must behave and be secured in order to interact and submit information to Government.


  • Updated: 23 December 2019