Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The ICB website is packed with great information for ICB members - and much of this is available publicly to non-members as well. There is so much information available on our website, take a minute to review the information here to make sure you are making the most of what ICB offers.

Main Website Sections

Home Page: The latest news feed and essential locations within the website, including links to the following sections.

Corporate Information: An overview of ICB, who we are and what we are involved in.

Membership: The benefits of being a member, how to apply or renew as a member and ICB’s code of conduct.

Members: This section provides access to MyICB, technical support, member benefits and more.

Resources: ICB produced technical resources - see below for details.

Professional Development: Opportunities for Continuing Professional Education, further education and ICB assessments.

Products and Solutions: ICB offers products and solutions relevant to bookkeepers. ICB affiliates offer accounting software, insurance, Human Resources advice, books and manuals and other services such as budgeting tools, debt collection, IT support and digital signatures at member prices.

Network Meetings: ICB network meetings are fun around Australia by ICB members. Search for meetings in your area or join by webinar.

Who Are You: Dedicated information for members, BAS agents, bookkeepers, business owners, not-for-profits, students, accountants, media and educators.


Resources are divided into the following main sections. Resources are mainly for members only, although there are some news items that are listed in resources indexes, which are publicly available.

BAS Agents: Provides templates and checklists for BAS agents to use with their clients, guidance on professional conduct, and information on using the ATO portal and other technology relevant to BAS agents.

Bookkeeping: Provides general bookkeeping cycle information, processes, principles and checklists.

Business Matters: Includes information related to business systems, compliance and daily running of business.

End of Year: Processes, systems, checklists, reviews, lodgements and preparation of accounts for the tax agent.

GST & BAS: Topics relevant to the detail of how GST applies to different aspects of accounts and preparation of a BAS.

Payroll: All aspects of payroll that a bookkeeper may get involved in, including Fair Work and human resources matters.

Software: Product updates, partner programs and technology issues relevant to bookkeeping and business.

Your Bookkeeping Business: Addresses various issues and aspects of being in business as a bookkeeper, as well as providing checklists, templates and authority forms.

Student Resources: Student focussed resources about the basics of bookkeeping and essential information.

Templates and Checklists: Provides access to ICB’s checklists, templates and authority forms from all areas of resources, all on one webpage.

How To Guides: Another way of searching for resources, the focus being on practical “how to” information.

Search the Website

The ICB website has two search functions.

  1. Global search of the entire website - top right of every webpage.
  2. Resources search - only available from within the Resources pages, this function searches resources and news items.


ICB offers merchandise, events and books for sale from our website. Some items are member-only and some are also available to non-members at a different price.


The ICB forum is a space for questions and answers, allowing anyone with interest to post questions and participate in discussions with others in the forum community. This is a great way to share information, exchange views and processes, and learn from your peers in the wider community of bookkeepers around Australia.

Although not directly available from our website, another forum for exchange of ideas and information is the (members only) ICB Discussion & Support Facebook group.