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Just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a fabulous webinar.  So informative!!!!

Lots of sensational information.

Kellie, October 2018


Thank you for another very informative webinar. You deliver the material at a good pace, dictation is really clear and the opportunities for questions, together with your answers are great. The webinar has been very helpful!
El, May 2019

ICB influencing change

I would like to thank ICB for discussions with the ATO & everyone who completed the SBSCH feedback. A client processed a payment on Tuesday for his August Super & I checked this afternoon & it was ready for me to submit for September. Last quarter it was a 5 to 7 day wait.
Then to top it off I got a great surprise by being able to print the grid with the payment information!! Not as good as the old SBSCH but way better than last quarter.

Sandra, October 2018


#TPB Audit

Received an email at 4.30pm today advising of a CPE Audit - due 15/5/19. Arghhhh!!!! Logged into ICB, spent 30 mins adding recent activities and tidying up some older ones and my CPE Register is complete and ready to lodge!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Thanks ICB 

Larissa, May 2019

ICB Membership

Thanks again for another year of information,  guidance and friendship through our monthly meetings.Please extend my thanks to the whole team , I look forward to another year of being in the ICB family.My special thank to Lynn (our network meeting facilitator) who unites your brilliant service with friendship and help though member experiences.
Amanda October 2018

I have been with them from the beginning it is the most valuable membership you will ever have.

Donna, September 2018


Best resources and services to members. Their customer service is excellent.

Hoosein, September 2018


Matthew Addison and the ICB team are the best resource a business can have. Always supporting us! Thank you for all you do guys it is certainly appreciated!

Pam, September 2018

ICB Newsletter

Thank you for a brilliant newsletter.  Keep up the much appreciated good work.

Robyn, June 2019


I have just read the ICB September newsletter and wanted to thank all the ICB staff who work to put the information together each month. The comprehensive and quality updates are fantastic and a lot of effort must go into preparing the newsletter content (and other ICB resources). Much appreciated 

Rachel, September 2018


Totally agree with you Rachel, I joined ICB when I was getting ready to apply for my BAS Agent registration 5mths ago. I wish I’d joined earlier as I really believe I’ve doubled my knowledge from 5yrs of Bookkeeping in the last 5mths with the ICB membership, I can’t see myself ever not being a member.

Kate, September 2018


The newsletter is an amazing resource! I often refer back to articles to quote facts to someone - trusting and relying on the information is something I take a bit for granted. And I shouldn’t. Many thanks Matthew and all your amazing team.

Kerrie, September 2018

ICB Resources

I just want to say “thank you” for the fantastic resources section.  I have never done an ETP (still haven’t), but the information and knowledge contained in the resource guide has shed lot of light on the area.  Some time ago I looked at the ETP webinar and I was completely lost after 5 mins.  I’m going to re-look at the webinar now that I have the information I sourced through the ICB portal.

Similarly, I sought information about LSL and voila! The ICB resource section was spot on.

So glad to be a member of ICB – thank you 

Sonia, June 2018 

ICB Events

Professional presenters with comprehensive knowledge of content.Worked well as a team. Loved every minute of it!
This was very informative and run well. The ICB Team Members giving the workshop were very informative, friendly and approachable. Thank you! Will go again next year. Thank you for your efforts, once again the EOY workshop has given me confidence to 'tackle' this stressful time. I went to another end of year workshop and this is so so much better. Much more informative. You can’t really compare the two. 
June 2018 


Thank you for a fantastic conference; it was highly informative, with excellent speakers and a great new venue.

Alexi, March 2018


I loved the ICB Conference on Wednesday.  Thanks for all the hard work!
Terri, March 2019


ICB I just wanted to thankyou. I have just won myself a new client in the solar installation business and was able to confidently have a discussion about STC trading ( which I have had no previous experience in) all because of the training session that you ran at this year's conference. You just never know when you are going to need to access information so it pays to listen.... thankyou.

May 2019

ICB Support

Thanks a lot for your help. I can't recommend ICB highly enough, it's nice knowing we have that support and sounding board when not quite sure if something is right.

Alison, January 2020


Brilliant. Thank you.
Membership of the ICB is ‘Gold’.

Jeff, September 2018


Pauline you're a legend! Ya gotta love ICBs rapid responses (sic)!
September 2018


[She] wanted to pass on [her] thanks to you and ICB for all the great work and support ICB has and does provide.  She is also a member of two others and wanted to express how ICB leaves all the others in its wake (sic).

Rita, March 2018 


I've always found ICB support to be fast and responsive

June 2018 


Thank you so much for your help...I love that you're available to help when we really need you!!! Worth every membership dollar we pay :)   
June 2018 


Following liaising with the ATO on behalf of a memberto resolve an ATO Call Centre issue  (Single Touch Payroll connecting a client)

I was just now phoned by the ATO and the woman who rang took only a few minutes to arrange the link.

A heartfelt thank you!     

Lynn, July 2018


Thank YOU for all the fantastic work you and ICB do in representing our bookkeeping community.

Alexi, June 2018




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