Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The Constitution requires:


Directors appointment process

  1. Call for Expressions of Interest or Nominations (November 2018)
  2. Any interested or nominated person to
    1. consider obligations and expectations of being an ICB Director

                            i.         Constitutional Requirements

                           ii.         ASIC requirements

                           iii.         ICB Policy & Philosophy

  1. consider conflicts of interest that may disqualify from being able to perform the duties as a Director
  2. consider conflicts of interest that may require disclosure to members for their evaluation
  3. Nominated person to make and attest to their Nomination Declaration
    1. Includes profile
    2. Includes statement of intent in relation to ICB and the role
  4. Nominations submitted (Closing date 11th January, 2019)
  5. Nominations to be considered by Board of Directors
  6. Nominations made known to members (by 31st January, 2019)
  7. Webinar for each Nominee to meet with members and discuss any items (during 1st to 15th February 2019)
  8. Online Election Process (18th to 22nd February 2019)

           Members can allocate their proxy to the Chair (The Chairs proxy allocation will be made known)

           Members voting has two components

                 i.         Indication of Confidence in the person’s ability to be a Director

                 ii.         Voting to indicate which of the Directors you place your vote

                            (Noting that the constitution then states the Nominees with the higher number of votes will be appointed)

        9.Declaration of Results 26th February 2019

        10. Directors presented to members AGM information and Webinar (March / April)

        11. AGM Webinar and commencement of role.



25 Nov.           Call for Expressions of Interest & Nominations


11 Jan.            CLOSE of nominations

31 Jan.            Notification to Members

1 to 15 Feb.     Meet the Nominees – Webinars

18 to 22 Feb.    Online Voting

26 Feb.            Declaration of Results

April                Commence Role in conjunction with Members AGM.

  • Updated: 29 October 2018