Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

ICB is pleased to provide details of the ICB Board of Directors.

The Board comprises a diverse and experienced group of talented individuals who are committed to the bookkeeping community. They are longstanding members to whom we are immensely grateful.

  • Amanda Linton (continued appointment, ex officio)

    Amanda was appointed CEO of ICB in November 2017, having previously served as an ICB Director. With extensive experience as a bookkeeper, sole trader and running a multi-person bookkeeping practice, Amanda is also a registered BAS Agent, was a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards in 2008 and awarded MYOB Partner of the Year in 2012. Amanda continues to represent the Bookkeeping community at various consultative forums, and works alongside ICB's Executive Chairman for the continuing operational growth and development of ICB.

  • Matthew Addison (elected until 2022)

    I will continue my role with the ICB bookkeeping community making a difference in what we do.

    I have been involved as the founding director of ICB Australia and been engaged by the ICB community increasingly since 2005. I was very pleased when the planets aligned; the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB Global), senior bookkeepers (including me) and involving several software companies took the steps to enhance the ability for professional bookkeepers to be accredited and recognised by a world wide but nationally centred professional association, focused on Bookkeepers. A vision quickly encouraged by government.

    My previous background in a leading 2nd tier accounting firm (7 years), then my own business consulting practice (15 years) specialising in business accounting software; working with software company partner programs, training bookkeepers and others including implementing GST into business and training practitioners, all provided great perspective to the role I hold with ICB.

  • Leanne Berry (elected until 2022)

    Bookkeeping is a wonderful profession and I believe we need to be the drivers of a change both from a business and professional mindset. I have an extremely positive outlook on our industry and believe it is essential to keep the promotion of our industry as a viable entrepreneurial and employment pathway for young people. I am committed to training and development and see this as a core.

    By proactively ensuring that internal systems and processes first meet the needs of the future for members foremost and the industry in general. We need to keep members informed and involved and continually question and dive into their needs and desires for training and development and ensure we are meeting those needs in planning activities. To understand the direction of the industry and preempt the requirements needed to meet the challenges of that direction to ensure that members have the best opportunities for success.

  • Roslyn Van Welie (elected until 2021)

    My appointment to the Board as a Director is something that I am very proud of. I have been a Bookkeeper and BAS Agent for nearly 20 years. My experience with working alongside small businesses and bookkeepers would be of benefit to the board and future of ICB.

    My goal is to help bookkeepers grow as bookkeepers and to be able to be confident in tackling the changes to technology. Bookkeeping is a profession that is needed within our business community. I would like to be able to promote Bookkeepers as financial interpreters that can help business grow.

    In 2013 I was nominated by my peers to become a Fellow of ICB. The reward for doing something that I love was amazing.

    I have been a member of ICB from when I launched my business in 2008 and have watched ICB grow as my business has grown. Being able to bring my experiences to the Board so that ICB can continue to grow and become the go to place for bookkeepers.

    My goal as a Director would not only be to help Bookkeepers learn and grow as a business but to also learn to have a balanced lifestyle.

  • Melissa Foote (elected until 2021)

    As a member of the Board I will always be a passionate and engaged advocate for Industry. I have worked in this industry for almost 20 years and really love what I do. This is shown in my dedication to industry, education of Industry participants and in my voluntary roles with ICB.

    I am also a strong, independent woman that knows this industry well and can empathise with ICB’s members as to the challenges we face both as business owners and women (sorry guys, I'm not excluding you, but we girls have some specific other issues we need to deal with!).

    My true passion is to inspire, educate, mentor and to help others achieve confidence and happiness in all that they do. I like to keep things simple in order to facilitate the fastest change and therefore believe in a no-nonsense approach to business and life.

    Most of all, I love to have fun, and this includes in business. Yes, we can work hard, but we can also play hard too. Who says work can't be enjoyable and this is what I would like to promote to the members to ensure a healthy work/life balance, whilst also reducing depression and any associated mental health issues.

  • Robert Marshall (re-elected until 2023)

    Working exclusively in and around the Bookkeeping Industry for over 20 years now, gives me experience, insight and understanding of much of what the ICB stands for and has goals to achieve. I believe I can bring a fresh set of eyes to the Board table, that could lead ICB further along its journey and value add, to what is already, a great Institution.

  • Margaret Whitfield (appointed 2020 until 2023)

    I am passionate about ensuring the future of our industry and bookkeepers, all my staff are members of ICB as I value the resources and commitment provided by ICB to its members to ensure that we have a solid foundation for our support to the business community. It is so rewarding to see people (staff, colleagues, clients) flourish and grow with the support I provide to them so this seems a natural progression in my journey to help others.

  • Colin Walker (appointed by the board in 2020 until the 2021 election)

    Formerly with the ATO from 2002 as an Assistant Commissioner responsible for legislation interpretation, design, implementation of new legislation and in his last 6 years supporting tax and BAS agents and their professional associations in building strong relationships and working together to ensure respectful and supportive relationships between the profession and the ATO.  These latter years also saw him leading the digital services for tax and BAS agents. Colin has expensive experience in public administration, running large projects and has been the public face of the ATO in the agent world
  • Updated: 13th May, 2020