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The rather public impact of the challenges to the Governance of CPA over the last 2 years continues. This has heightened the scrutiny and review of all associations and has raised questions in a rather public format.

If you have any questions about ICB please ask.
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ICB operates as a member based, professional association, company limited by member guarantee, not for profit and formally recognised by the Tax Practitioners Board in accordance with the TASA2009.

Recent Requests

The TPB have reviewed ICB and have concurred with the Directors proposed changes.


The current Board of Directors believe that ICB has grown so that it is time to appoint further Directors to help with the Governance, leadership and oversight of the organisation.

The Directors have reviewed the current constitution and have proposed changes to modify and enshrine the principles established by the membership of ICB over the past 11 years of our existence.

The Constitution needs to be changed to implement the governance framework discussed with members (and the TPB) over the last two years. We need 1/3 of the members to consider the proposals with 75% agreement to implement the change.

We must change to retain our recognised status.

New Directors

Following the 2018 AGM where the special resolutions to change the constitution will be considered and votes then submitted, ICB will then embark on the process to obtain nominations for the Director positions and conduct an election. We expect to conduct the nomination and election process between 18th April and 30th September, 2018.

The Constitution changes implement a revised system of

  • Members nominate the number of Directors to be on the Board.
  • For a person to be elected the Members must indicate their confidence in the candidate.
  • Members vote the nominees into the positions.
  • A director will be appointed for no more than 3 years.
  • 1/3 of the Directors will retire each year.

For further details please refer to the Constitution change papers.

Directors Remuneration

You may have recently seen the disclosure of Directors remuneration levels of other associations.

The stated practical expectations of Directors of ICB is

  • Attend 3 or 4 meetings in person each year
  • Attend 6 to 8 meetings by webinar each year
  • Other services as are agreed from time to time

The proposed constitutional changes include the purpose statement that Directors must also uphold for ICB and for their role as Directors.

In the past ICB has reimbursed the Non-Executive Directors for their time at a rate of $50/hour.
Noting that Matthew Addison as Executive Director is a full time employee and is paid a package of $163,500 Including Super. It is proposed that Matthew move into the position of Executive Chairman and would need to be a member elected Director.

Current Director Amanda Linton has now been appointed as CEO on a part time basis with a FTE salary package of $127,020 Super included. Amanda commenced 2 days per week in November, has shifted to 3 days a week in 2018 with the plan being to shift to 4 days per week following the conference. The governance changes proposed includes that Amanda as CEO will be an appointed Director under the Constitution.

The 2018 budget allocates an amount of $50 per hour for the involvement of the Non-Executive Directors. It is estimated that the Director involvement each year would be approximately 80 hours. It is proposed that ICB should elect a total of 6 Directors, following the change, which would not include Amanda's position as CEO.

Any Questions

Any clarification or questions can be directed to either