Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

2018 Members AGM Outcomes

AGM Information session Presented by Webinar - Minutes of Discussion

Declaration of Outcomes from Members Voting


All Members of ICB were invited to attend our Annual Members Meetings

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1/ Held by webinar on Wednesday 11th April, 2018 at 2:00pm (AEST).  Attended online by 58 persons

2/ Members meeting highlights were provided to 1600 attendees at the ICB 2018 Conference series

3/ 1447 members particpated in the Online Voting in relation to all resolutions.

Agenda – AGM by webinar

Presentation and Receive Reports

  • 2017 Financials (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss)
  • Operations and Management framework for acceptance and clarification
  • Membership Statistics & other items reported
  • Policy and Philosophy of ICB
  • ICB Achievements
  • Key Activities and Initiatives
  • Government Involvement

Download of all reports

Final Financial Statements - Audited 2017

Notes from Webinar Presentation


Proposals - Constitution Change

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Proposal received and agreed by Directors that the Member Meeting Quorum be increased to 50.  Due to notice of resolution requirements; this will in the first instance be agreed by Directors Resolution and proposed for a future constitution change.

Proposals - by member

Members have requested the following items be presented at the Members Meeting and Discussed

Network Meeting Facilitator financial support

AGM information and Highlights presented at conference

The members annual meeting is also held as a series of information and highight meetings in conjunction with our annual conference, from 2:30pm (approximately) to 3:30pm in 9 locations.

Face to Face meetings in each of 9 locations include:

  • Recognition of recipients of Fellow Membership
  • Recognition of Members Years of Service
  • Highlights from reports
  • Notification of Agenda Items that will be discussed at the Formal Members Meeting
  • Notification of Items requiring Members Voting.


Online Voting System:  Secure Voting Declaration by Eintech


Membership of ICB is granted in accordance with our corporation documents and membership guides, explanation is provided:


updated 23 July 2018