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Directors Nominations 2022

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Directors Elections 2021

The Director elections have now been finalised with all 3 nominees receiving a 50% vote of confidence from at least 50% of the members participating in the voting.

Congratulations to:

  • Melissa Foote (re-appointed)
  • Colin Walker (re-appointed)
  • Pamela Taylor

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Annual General Meeting - 2021

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ICB Constitution

Revised Constitution 2019 - Current

ICB Approved Policy & Philosophy


Revised Constitution 2018 - Expired

Original Constitution 2005 to 2018 - Expired


BAS Agents and Tax Agents

BAS Agent Certificate

ICB is a registered BAS Agent which allows ICB to advise in relation to BAS Agents and BAS Services.

Tax Agent Certificate

ICB is a registered Tax Agent which allows ICB to advise on areas that cross over into income tax matters and related areas that are wider than BAS services.

ICB is a Recognised BAS Agent Association

The ICB was advised Tuesday 18 May 2010, that the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) has recognised ICB under the Tax Agent Services Laws.

ICB continues to grow and develop as more and more bookkeepers (including BAS Agents) recognise the value of a true bookkeeping association that is about bookkeepers helping bookkeepers.

To be a Recognised Association the TPB had to be satisfied that:

  • ICB was properly managed and its internal rules enforced
  • ICB has professional and ethical standards including:
    • 15 hours of continuing education required
    • members are of good fame, integrity and character
    • if in practice then the member has Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • ICB has a satisfactory complaints handling and notifying process
  • ICB is able to pay its debts as and when they fall due

There are other areas of the law and other requirements. The Tax Agent Services law allows the board to recognise associations as being representative of the agents which are now needing to be regulated.

By being a Recognised BAS Agent Association (RBAA), voting members of ICB are now recognised for their added commitment to be creditable and professional in the conduct of their business. At the time of registration a voting member is only required to have 1000 hours relevant experience in the last 3 years (compared to 1400 hours for those not voting members of a RBAA.

The only other real consequence of being an RBAA is that the new laws more formally allow the TPB to work a little more closely with us in the recognition of education and training.

Other associations have also been granted "Recognised status".

ICB continues to represent bookkeepers and BAS Agents to the TPB as a member of the TPB Consultative Forum.

ICB continues to be an association of bookkeepers for bookkeepers. We are comprised of bookkeepers at all levels of expertise and qualification.

ICB Disclosure Statement on Software Company Allegiances

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers has since its establishment in Australia sought to develop and maintain positive strategic engagement and relationships with the key software suppliers to the Bookkeeper market and therefore the small business market.

These key relationships are about obtaining and providing strategic information for bookkeepers and includes ICB representation to the companies on behalf of bookkeepers and the provision of information by the companies into ICB knowledge base.

ICB engages with the software companies as they are significant influences in our community aswell as providers of significant tools and resources. 

Each of the Software companies listed as strategic partners provide financial support to ICB inline with their level of engagement in our activities and support of the development of the Bookkeeper community.  The support takes the form of annual strategic partnership funding and/or fees for specific participation in conferences and/or advertising in conference manuals and/or specific project funding.


MYOB have been a strategic partner and financial supporter of ICB since inception including annual sponsorship and participation in conferences. They are the program sponsor for our Network meetings.

Intuit have become a strategic partner and sponsor since their launch into Australia in 2011.

Reckon have been a strategic partner and sponsor since the launch of ICB.

Xero have been a strategic partner since 2010.

GovReports is a different style of strategic partner where ICB works with them to bring a solution to ICB Members at a preferential pricing and also ICB receive a commission based on ICB member take up of their products.

Various other solutions are researched and advised by ICB when we see them being a solution of value and good information to ICB Members. This may or may not have any relationship between ICB and the provider. Some times this may include the solution provider paying for participation at our conferences and on very few occasions there has been newsletter sponsorship payments.

Participation at our conferences is based on ICB selection of information and value benefit to the members. We do not accept every product nor partner to be at our conferences.

ICB very consciously do not position and advise on any software solution because of any marketing or financial incentive. We have in the past not continued in a strategic partnership due to the marketing messages and direct access to the ICB member database requested. ICB exist for Bookkeepers, their benefit and to provide unbiased information to them. Accordingly we do not put information before you based on commercial rationale alone.

Our advice and information is based on the information and development needs of Bookkeepers, in particular ICB members.

Truths about ICB

What are the ICB Australia links and with who?

ICB is foremost a community of professional bookkeepers seeking to improve, promote and develop the profession of bookkeeping throughout Australia.  ICB Australia is made up by the 4500+financial members of the organisation, another 10,000+ contacts into the profession and then the team of employed people who provide the services to the community of ICB.  We are a professional association recognised through the Tax Practitioners Board and the provisions of the TASA2009 legislation.

ICB Australia was formed through initiatives of the ICB in the UK. ICB Global was observing the development of the bookkeeping industry in Australia and with the development of the new BAS Agent legislation felt it was a good time to bring their experience and assistance to the bookkeeping community in Australia.

ICB Global approached the largest significant bookkeeping related organisation in Australia at the time being MYOB to assist it in understanding and finding the appropriate approach in Australia.

Matthew Addison (now the Executive Director of ICB) has been associated as a consultant and advisor to the software companies and also with a keen involvement in the development of the software partner communities.

ICB Lobbies and assists MYOB, Xero, Reckon and Intuit in provision of solutions to the bookkeeping community.

ICB Australia is a member of the ICB Global network.  ICB Global provides a licence to use the branding, the crest, the name and provides our involvement in the Global development and influence of Bookkeeping.  ICB Global provides our operating infrastructure including the CRM, Website and assessment platforms.

The Software Companies.

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers has since its establishment in Australia sought to develop and maintain positive strategic engagement and relationships with the key software suppliers to the Bookkeeper market and therefore the small business market

These key relationships are about obtaining and providing strategic information for bookkeepers and includes ICB representation to the companies on behalf of bookkeepers and the provision of information by the companies into ICB knowledge base. The relationships have included the sharing of information and has assisted in the production of “How to guides” and manuals.

ICB is not and does not wish to become an RTO

We actively work with the education sector.  ICB has Approved Education partners including RTO's who provide the Cert IV Bookkeeping and Accounting.

ICB does and always has provided training to Bookkeepers

Since 2005 when the vision for ICB Australia was coming into being and its launch in 2006, we have always been about training bookkeepers.  We have always run ICB style "How to" and Knowledge based learning about how bookkeepers should professsionaly be performing their services. 

ICB does not see any need to become an RTO (therefore allowed to conduct and provide formal training in Cert IV etc) as this market is well serviced by many RTO's.  We were closely with a number of Cert IV providers who may partner with us and contribute to the cost of being approved by us and listed with us. 

Part of ICB vision is to inform, empower and equip those trainers who wish to work with us to provide graduates of their courses who will meet the requirements but more importantly the standards and criterior of being a professional bookkeeper.

The Business Support Program

ICB provides support to do-it-yourself bookkeepers.  In some cases this is the Mum&Dad business, in some cases it is the business with an employed bookkeeper.  We have been approached by a number of businesses to provide support at an introduction and assist to bookkeeping level which then provides a formal gateway to obtaining hands on and personal assistance by our Members.  There is someone doing the bookkeeping for the 2.7m businesses in Australia.  The vision of the ICB community is for professional certified bookkeepers to be helping those 2.7m businesses.


Membership Statistics

7,196 Members at 21st December 2021

  • 4,990 Voting Members (including Fellows, Members, Associates and Affiliates)
  • 2,196 Non-Voting Members (including Business, Educators and Students)
  • 10 Accredited Training Provider Members

ICB Security & Data

ICB Protects your data.  We also never provide our database to any third party.

The ICB Membership system, Event Management, Network Meeting management, myICB and website including the CPE register is provided through ICB Global and its supplier EinTech Software Solutions.

EinTech recently advised as follows

EinTech is proud to announce it has achieved ISO:27001 Certification.

ISO 27001 is recognised worldwide as the standard for Information Security Management.

As an EinTech customer, you have entrusted us to help protect your data. We value this trust, and the privacy and security of your data is one of our top priorities. 

EinTech hosts almost 10 million records across 6 countries, data including passports, credit card processing information, bank account details for direct debit systems and personal information. Data security, privacy and continuity therefore are extremely important to us. This certification is just the latest addition to our already very high standards.

To gain the ISO 27001 award, EinTech proved that we could not only prevent but defend against potential data system vulnerabilities. This achievement was due to our comprehensive suite of information security controls and the management system we introduced to ensure these controls remain efficient and continue to meet our customers’ needs. An annual audit is carried out by an external third party to ensure our systems continue to meet the stringent requirements set out in the ISO 27001 standard.

Whistleblower Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

All individuals, including members, students, suppliers, stakeholders and ICB staff should always be treated fairly and equally. We acknowledge and celebrate the different knowledge, skills, background and perspectives that people bring. ICB are committed to promoting equality of opportunity.

Click here to see our Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy 2020.