Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Bookkeeping is…

Once again I am sick of people saying that technology is removing the need for a bookkeeper.

What is bookkeeping?

It starts from the very basics 

  • What paperwork exists in this business
  • Record the transactions from the paperwork into the accounting system
  • Verify and reconcile the transactions to independent documents (bank statements, supplier statements, etc.)
  • Provide reports

It moves into 

  • What paperwork should exist in this business
  • How to do the paperwork more efficiently
  • How to keep the records properly
  • Providing reports from the system

And in today’s world, Bookkeeping is still to be explained as:

  • Assessing what the business does
  • Advising on and providing the business system to do the record keeping and processing required
  • Working with and integrating different systems if required
  • Providing data entry and record keeping services, or oversight
  • Verifying and reconciling the transactions 
  • Verifying that the business systems are processing as they should
  • Reporting, understanding and providing information from the business systems
  • Providing compliance services – BAS, GST, payroll, etc.

So world, commentators, those that think we aren’t needed:  Who is going to do all of the above? ....... A bookkeeper!

  • We are closer to the actual operations of the business than many.
  • We don’t just read a management book and apply that one methodology to every business.
  • We don’t just go to a business coaching two day course and then charge enormous fees for applying a predefined system to a business that we don’t understand
  • We work with the business owner and adjust our services and systems to the owner’s needs.

Data entry should be automated; the revolution of digital disruption to bookkeeping is changing data entry techniques.... and it is about time!

Now we can get on and spend more time doing what needs to be done!

  • Updated: 16th September, 2015