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The ICB Annual Survey is commissioned each year to gain insight into the bookkeeping industry and the successes and challenges that bookkeepers and the bookkeeping industry face.

In 2019 we obtained 606 responses to the survey, and not surprisingly (86%) of respondents are ICB members.

Bookkeeping in Australia remains in a different place than most of the world. Other countries are encouraging all “advisors” but with an emphasis on accountants to embrace technology, automate processes and to start providing advice to the business. There are even voices stating that bookkeeping can be replaced by automation.

They’re clearly not speaking to the advisors market in Australia. Bookkeepers provide far more than data entry and are integral to adding value to business much more than what can be automated, and the results of this, our 2019 survey, back up that position.

Australian bookkeepers have for some time been leading businesses to embrace technology and automate processes. Bookkeepers are taking an increased lead in implementing the use of technology by Australian businesses, and more and more are showing that as bookkeepers a key part of our service delivery is to be on top of the impacts technology.

Whilst there are some who are concerned in relation to automation and overseas outsourcing of traditional bookkeeping work, (68%) of respondents have indicated that they are not concerned about the future of bookkeeping, with one respondent saying:

“We’re not concerned about the future of our industry - very excited to be a part of it and to be able to offer some incredible client insights, efficiencies and solutions that they previously didn’t think possible. Very much looking forward to seeing where this new industrial revolution is going to take us - Anything is possible!”

Since our first annual survey, which was undertaken in 2009, this year’s survey highlights some significant long term shifts in the way bookkeepers provide their services and the actual services that they provide and reflects the ongoing changes imposed on business and the bookkeeping industry in Australia.

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  • Updated: 3rd March, 2020