Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Taking a client to court means you should stop looking at their information on your BAS Agent portal immediately. If you take legal action of any form against a client, what else should you do?

  • Clearly a breakdown in your engagement has occurred.
  • Therefore it is reasonable to conclude you are no longer engaged by or authorised to act on behalf of the client, (whether they have told you or not).
  • Remove yourself from all portal access and ATO communication (ATO protocol - Primary contact and authorised contacts)
  • Take backups of client information and work papers etc. that you have produced for the client.
  • Then remove your access from their ongoing subscription to software; it is not reasonable for you to have visibility of their ongoing business if you are in dispute.
  • If you were paying their software subscription then send formal notice of the requirement for them to take it over.
  • We recommend you do not incur any further costs on their behalf.
  • Provide a handover checklist and / or client closure letter.
  • Dated: 31st March, 2017