Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

We have had many queries since our original publication of the information regarding SGC on annual leave loading, requesting further proof.

ICB wrote to the ATO Complex Issue Resolution Unit, and we received a reply in February 2017. Refer to our news item from February in which we extract information received from the ATO verifying the information. 

The proof comes from the Superannuation Guarantee Ruling 2009/2 and verification from the ATO Complex Resolution Department.  We are hearing stories of superfunds advising members that SGC does not apply to annual leave loading in any circumstances, but this is not correct.  There are circumstances in which it does apply. 

As of June 2017, the ATO have not yet updated their website information about OTE and leave loading.

See ICB – Superannuation on Annual Leave Loading for full details.

  • Updated: 23rd June, 2017