Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

An active initiative of government and now being driven rapidly by the ATO.

Each and every payrun, the employer must use software to submit details of each employees pay at the same time they are paid.  ie each week or fortnight etc.

It applies to all "substantial" employers ie with a headcount of more than 19 people, and compulsory by 1 July 2018.  (Others can opt in or it might be brought in later)

Part of the concept was that each and every payrun the employer must pay the PAYG Withholding tax to the ATO at the same time and also the concept was that the super has to be paid at the same time.  This eariier payment is no longer part of government policy.  You will still report your payroll everytime you pay someone but pay the PAYGW on your normal BAS and your SGC each quarter.

The law includes removing the obigation on employers to give those end of year payment summaries to employees.  The ATO will provide them inside myGov.

ICB Members have access to the briefing webinar on the website. 

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  • 8th December, 2016