Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The Digital Business Council (Council) in collaboration with the ATO are creating an eInvoicing system, that allows a business to send and receive an invoice without any printing, posting, emailing or re-keying. It is faster, less likely to result in errors and cheaper than traditional paper or email invoices.

Key Updates

  • Adoption: Department of Industry and its selected clients, Commonwealth Bank and Telstra are actively exchanging eInvoices in a test environment.
  • The Digital Capability Locator (DCL) procurement is on AusTender, closing 11 April. Evaluation is targeting completion by the end of April 2017. The target for the DCL build to be available is June 2017.
  • Accreditation Deed Polls (declarations), which will replace the interim agreements, have been agreed by the Governance Working Group. Consultation is open on the documents at until 31 March 2017. Service providers would be able to apply for accreditation from the end of April 2017

Proof of Concept Successes

Several business and government organisations have decided to take an early adoption approach as they had already been on a path to optimise their procurement related business operations. Although the eInvoicing Interoperability Framework (Framework) prescribes proven international standards, the organisations elected to conduct early proof-of-concept exercises in order to further inform their planning activities. The following is a summary of those exercises:

  • 22 Service Providers are provisionally accredited (listed on
  • CBA and Telstra completed an eInvoicing proof-of-concept (POC) in December 2016, MessageXchange provided Access Point services. A press release was published on 22/02/2017. It was a technical POC and considered a success by all parties involved.
  • Department of Industry, Innovation and Science participated in a POC sending recipient created tax invoices (RCTI) to grant recipient via the Framework, using MessageXchange as their Access Point. Global Grain Handling Solutions was selected as the recipient. eRCTI successfully completed on 21/02/2017.
  • Shared Service SA and Australia Post are participating in a POC with Basware and MessageXchange as Access Points. Detailed scoping has been undertaken, technical interoperability testing has been completed and POC execution is expected to be complete by 30/04/2017.
  • Department of Finance - Service Delivery Office is proposing to participate in a POC with OfficeMax, both parties will use B2BE as their Access Point. If Finance receives the funding they are seeking, they expect to complete a POC by the end of June. Australia Post and Telstra are commencing a POC project where both businesses will send and receive eInvoices with each other via the Framework, MessageXchange will provide Access Point services. Telstra expects to be able to go 'live' receiving eInvoices soon.
  • DHS will complete three separate Pilots with SG Fleet, Telstra and Cabcharge. DHS will implement its own access point solution. First pilot with SG Fleet scoped and planned, the responsible team has submitted the project request to DHS costing and it is under review. Work on these Pilots is likely to commence next Financial Year.

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  • 13th April, 2017