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Below from the ATO
I wouldn't bother trying any ATO connection over the weekend.
We have just had a phone hookup with the Senior Exec and they are significantly embarrassed. There is new Hardware being installed as we speak.

3 February 2017 3pm

Systems outage update
We continue to work with our partners from HPE to restore our systems and services.

HPE have deployed their global resources to restore our systems and the associated infrastructure. Once this restoration is complete, we will work to make our services available for the community.

Due to an unforseen complexity in the system restoration process, our services are unlikely to be available before close of business today.

We fully acknowledge the significant impact this is having on you, and that you rely heavily on the availability of our systems and services. We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption this has caused.

We will work with you to ensure there is no disadvantage as a result of the systems issues we have experienced.

While everything is being done to restore our systems as quickly as possible, we cannot make services available until the integrity of the system is confirmed.

We will continue to keep you informed as this work continues.

Colin Walker
Assistant Commissioner
Tax Practitioner, Lodgment Strategy and Engagement Support

  • 3rd February, 2017